Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catching up!

Oh dear, oh dear.  I have been amiss.
I have seen so much and have been terribly busy - what with spring and the gathering and the nesting and those darn hawks a circling... I barely get a moments rest!
But I'm happy.
And everyone at Rosebud Church seems so much happier now that things have warmed up and the trees have their leaves that rustle in the breeze, and the insects are buzzing and the birds are singing... it's like another church service outside!
What have I not told you?  Hmmm....
Well, there was a strange day where some folks got down in some water!
And then there was a nice lady showing some pictures of some happy brown people.
And... oh yes, lots of singing one night.
And then... of much more joyful singing and eating and talk talk talk - like they would never leave so I good get at those crumbs!
And then there were piles and piles of clothes on tables!!
So many stories and things to watch.
I liked the dancing, and the loud instruments.
I think I liked the story told by the animals best.  That elephant really was a convincing voice from Heaven!
I think I like the big black piano.  Sometimes folks come in all by themselves and play play play... and sometimes they even sing when they think no one else is listening... but I hear them.  And I like it, even though I kind of snicker to myself thinking, "hee, hee, hee - I'm getting a free concert, and you don't even know it!"
I think I would like to try singing.  I'd like to do it when no one is around as well.  Hmmm.  Maybe tomorrow.
For now I must hurry and stash more of those bread crumbs from the feast and get a good night's sleep before another full day tomorrow!
Lots to do in a big church all by myself.
See you later!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Bliss

Whooee do I like chocolate!  I loved this last Sunday.  Lots of chocolate - everywhere.
Someone came in and put flowers everywhere and now the church is so bright.
But before that there were candles and feasting and washing of feet.
What an eventful week this was.
How's a little mouse to get any sleep, let alone find time to scrounge after Kid Choir snacks?
Well, I really enjoyed the trumpet's blare; after it woke me.  I can still see folks popping up during the song "Up From the Grave He Arose!"
Why do they wait to celebrate?
Well, I'm glad spring has come and the snow is melting and the grass is wanting to grow.
My little church just seems happier with the warmth, or maybe it is the hearts inside seem just a little lighter.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frosty mornings

Hello again

It's me.

It's so frosty outside, I'm afraid to venture out of my hole.  In fact, I must have missed a week ago Sunday all together with that drasted blizzard.

I don't know if I can tell you much about what's happened in Rosebud Church lately, I've been so busy nesting and resting, but I'll try.

Let's see...

Well the funny Barefoot in the Park folks left and now these drama ministry students have really been using a lot of space to create their Maundy Thursday service.  I see lots of goblets, and where there's goblets, there's usually bread!

The women's Bible study are here now, and they are a surprisingly noisy bunch.

I liked the music Me and the Mrs. played.  Some nice, foot-tapping ole tunes.  That Heather's got some skill with the mandolin.  I like how her fingers tickle the strings in between phrases.

But, why was there no cake?  Two Sundays in a row they bring cake, but not last Sunday... they better do something come Easter.

So yes, Easter.  Not sure how I feel about it.  Why does everything have to be so dark and somber before the brightness and life?  I can hardly wait.

Ray told a really interesting story on Sunday about a violin player who had polio as a child and couldn't walk very well.  So after he was all settled to play with the orchestra, his string broke.  But guess what? Instead of getting up to go get it fixed, or getting a new one - he played with three strings!
Wow, that story really stuck with me.  That and the part about laying down your precious cloak in the path of Jesus coming on the colt into Jerusalem.

I wonder... What would I do?

What could I give?

Even if I sang out, my voice would not be heard over the shouting crowds.  Maybe I could scramble up onto a rock and wave my arms, but I'm so small, even then he probably wouldn't see me.

"Saviour, Do not pass me by!"

What do the little folk of this world do to be heard?

Well, some of us start a blog; like me.

Thanks for hearing me.


(Your Rosebud Church Mouse)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Lil' lost lamb

Hello again.
It's me.
Thank God for 60th anniversaries and cake crumbs!  Tee hee.
I enjoyed church yesterday.
So nice to have all the music after waiting all week long.  That Arlene can sure tickle the ivories.
LaVerne was interesting.  I liked hearing his story about when he was a boy and listening for the voice of God. 
And I liked the part where Jesus is like a shepherd who risks to go find a lost sheep. 
But I don't think I like the part about embracing the life that comes from dying; I like the idea of rejoicing over a found lamb!
Ken Janzen told a shocking story of flying in a dark storm over Africa and how God showed him the runway.
Then they prayed for all the servants of the church, especially Trisha the elder, although she doesn't seem that old to me.
I'd kinda like someone to pray for me sometime.
Pastor Ray says God went looking for the lost lamb who got itself in trouble. 
I wonder if God will ever look for me?  Sometimes I think I'd like to be found, but sometimes I feel like I am right where I need to be.

Monday, March 4, 2013

My First Hello

Hi there.
I'm finally coming out in the open.
I can't help it.
I get so lonely in the church without anyone to talk to and I get tired of hiding.
So there.
My secret's out.
I live ...somewhere... in Rosebud Church.
Not telling you where until we become better acquainted, but for now, just know that I'm there.

I love Mondays after Soup Sunday at Rosebud Church; what a feast!
Although Cranky the Cricket and I had to wait a long time for everyone to leave yesterday.  My goodness, you people can meet a long time when there's a blizzard outside.

Sure am glad the heat never went off though, otherwise I'd have to move into Pastor Ray's office where it's always cozy, but very little food except for the occasional banana peel.  (Please don't tell him I go in there though).

So, I got to watch some pretty cool drama ministry performances yesterday, after that Kevin woke me with his trumpet!

Why all this about thirsting? First the guy with a girl on his back, and then the other girl saying she was so thirsty -and the water was right there the whole time!  I even got thirsty looking at it.

Then I heard many a prayer and quite a bit of music.  Yes, I like it.  (I know you were about to ask.) - I like it so much, I even sang along.  I like the part about healing in the desert, even though I've never been in a desert, but I can imagine it's a little like Rosebud labyrinth in August, only without the shade of Samson, the big old tree.

Then I saw some pictures from China.  Stan Riegel talked about his trip there where he gave out drugs to people after helpful surgery.  Wow.  That's a long way to go.  The lights flickered and then they had trouble getting the pictures going again, so Stan answered questions.  I liked that too.  I kept staring at the poster hung from the cross with little colorful people all over it.

One of my favorite parts was when everyone came up to the table where they had a big loaf of crumbly bread and dipped it in the goblets.  I was REALLY thirsty then, I tell ya.  Just salivating.

After that everyone went to the soup room.

Some kids had made very colorful centerpieces that looked like spring flowers.  I thought that was very funny because outside the windows all was white, white, white.  But they seemed to make people very happy.

I think I took a nap during most of the meeting that came next, but I heard a few chuckles.  Something about "Seconder Sue" and so forth.

Ah, I must go back to my scrounging now before someone comes with a vacuum.  That Samantha stage manager is a bit of neat freak.  I look forward to laughing at more silly business during Barefoot in the Park rehearsals, but for now I must finish scrounging for my week's supply.

So long for now.

Hope to see you all next Sunday (an hour earlier) for another service with communion.  I like that Lent lets you have that feast every week if you want.

Oh, I heard the drama ministry team is working up a special service for Maundy Thursday.  Hope to see you there: Thursday March 28 at 7pm.  Rosebud Church.  (I hope they bring bread... and cheese!)